Irongate MFG is a family owned and operated metal fabrication shop located in the vibrant SODO district of Seattle and offices in Bellingham.  Founder of Irongate, Doug Branson, has been operating Northwest Modern Fabrication (NWMF), a well regarded metal fabrication located in Seattle WA, for the past 5 years.  Doug created Irongate with the mission to give the average consumer access to the same high-end, custom metal architectural pieces that customers at NWMF have been enjoying for decades.

Each Irongate product you order is made to order with the best metal fabrication people, processes, and equipment in the industry.  Since all fabrication is done in-house moderate customizations can be done to fit your needs.  Orders typically ship within 2-3 weeks.

Today, Irongate sells mainly handrails but soon will be expanding into other product categories such as address plaques, awnings, shelving, planter boxes, mailboxes and more.
Metal Fabrication Headquarters
Irongate Headquarters in Seattle
Metal Fabrication Team
Irongate Fabrication Team
Metal Fabrication Team
Working on customer handrail orders